End of term

Here we are, half-way through the school year.  It’s just the blink of an eye since I was apprehensively anticipating Fainjin’s first day.  I’m scared to blink again because I’m sure when I open my eyes it will be Christmas.

Fainjin’s class ended the term with a bang.  They had a shared lunch, a disco, and an (optional) dress-up day.  Everything was themed around the letter of the week, which was S.  We suggested he wear a soccer strip (as he does every day), but he shrugged off that idea.  “I’m going to be Spiderman!”

So Spiderman went off to school this morning with his salted chippies (I knew other industrious mothers were making square sandwiches, scones and sushi, so I took the easy way out for once).

He had a great time.  He came home bubbling over with enthusiasm about the disco, the dancing, the lunch… “What did you eat?” “Chippies, some lollies, and a bikkie.”  “What about the sandwiches, scones, sushi, sliced fruit that was there?”  “Nahhhhh…”  Well, it was a party.  And there was another question nagging at me.

“How many Spidermen were there in your class today?”

“Seven!”   (and some of them were girls).

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