All shook up

I was going to write something cute about our day, but just as I settled in to write, we had a rather large earthquake.  Geonet puts it at 7.0 on the Richter scale, and in our house it started with a little shake, then kept going and getting larger, lasting about a minute or so.  The adults were all in doorways and the children even woke up.  I had time to snatch up Babess and cuddle her while the shaking was still going on, and tell the other two to “make a turtle” or get in the doorway.

We’re all ok, everyone else is asleep now but I am still quite awake.  It sounds like there was some small damage (goods off shelves in supermarkets and so on) closer to the epicentre.  The quake was very deep, which will have limited the damage.  There is no tsunami threat, we are told.

So no cute stories tonight.  Stay safe, everyone!

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9 Responses to “All shook up”

  1. Karen G Says:

    Oh my – very glad to hear that you’re ok!

    My east coast US neighborhood has only had one earthquake, to my knowledge. It was last summer. My friends in the San Francisco / Bay area laughed at my updates that:

    * We just had an earthquake here – I could actually see the floors & cabinets moving. Really.

    * At first, I thought it was the front-loading washing machine, or just some street noise – until the whole place started moving around.

    And finally, after checking the news to confirm that this was a real earthquake:

    * 5.8 earthquake felt in Washington, D.C. area. Good to know I wasn’t imagining it. It was odd, to say the least. 🙂

    Hope you don’t have any more earthquakes!

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Thanks Karen! You’ve had a couple – one was back in 2005 (I was there… didn’t feel it!).
      We didn’t have any more shakes last night, there was apparently an aftershock about 11pm but I think I was still shaking from the first one so I didn’t notice 🙂
      We will get more quakes, that is a fact of life in these Shaky Isles. We just hope that the Big One, when it comes, is not toooo damaging. The ones in Christchurch in 2010 and 2011 gave us a nasty dose of reality.

      • Karen G Says:

        Hi – first, I hope you don’t have another major event any time soon!
        While not living in an area prone to earthquakes, we do hear of them, and can certainly empathize. I recall hearing about Christchurch, though not many details.
        Take care, and hoping for good days ahead,

  2. L Says:

    Great to know you are ok!!

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      This morning we found one thing on the floor that had been on a shelf, so technically there was some damage. It was a toy robot made by my niece, had been put up high because the kids had managed to break it already, but it’s a bit more broken now. I hope she can fix it!

      • L Says:

        Good luck fixing it! 🙂 So glad that was the extent of it. 7.0 is a large quake!

        I also grew up in a place with earthquakes (even Big ones) – but I did not grow up in a place with tornadoes or with hurricanes — this latest storm here got me a bit scared. it turned out to be lucky we had both cars in the garage – the next morning a large branch was down in the driveway – either end of the branch was off the edge of either side of the driveway. eek.

        Glad you all are doing well.

  3. kelley @ magnetoboldtoo Says:

    glad to hear you are OK.

    Scary things, earthquakes are. I ordered one for MPS’s birthday and regret it now. All that work picking stuff up off the floor and straightening pictures on the walls.


    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      I had a couple of pictures to straighten today too. I’d forgotten that bit. We’re very glad the quake was so deep, it would have been very destructive otherwise. Hoping for a quiet night tonight.

  4. Sarah Says:

    Thinking of you. I know for a fact they’re not much fun.

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