Our car is a rocket

Recently Fainjin (ably assisted by the lovely Babess) has decided that our car is a rocket.  Whenever we go out, he begs The Dad not to move out of the car-port until the kids have finished the count-down and shouted “Lift-off!”

Various space-marks are pointed out: trees and houses are planets, stars or asteroids, other cars are space shuttles and rockets.  Just as well we all wear our seat-belts, or else we might float around in the zero-gravity between suburbs!

This morning as we prepared to go out, they took it to new heights, dressing up for the occasion.  Fainjin found his tinfoil hat (yes, really) he made at Boys’ Brigade, while Babess found a fleece beanie which she pulled down hard over her ears.  “It’s my space helmet!” she said, grabbing her pink teddy bear, “and this is my space baby!”


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