Back to school!

A number of times during the holidays, we had conversations like this with Fainjin: “Mum, what day is it?” “Wednesday.” (wistfully) “But I go to school on Wednesdays!”

So there was no great surprise that he was very excited last night and this morning about going back to school today.  Last night he got everything ready, and this morning he was up bright and early (not toooo early, just after 6am).  He got himself dressed, had breakfast, packed his bag and was ready to go… at 7:30am.  Pearl rather grumpily told him he was too early and he replied, “I’ll wait with my bag on.”

Pearl, never a morning person, was nonetheless also ready earlier than usual.   She was less happy about going to school, saying she’d prefer to stay home and read all day (something we didn’t really do during the holidays!), but her teacher tells me she had a good day.  Certainly she enjoyed getting back together with her friends, and managed to set herself up on a playdate with a couple of them after school – and another one for tomorrow.

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