Fainjin has a little barking “Gah!” noise he makes sometimes, part disgust, part self-deprecation (I think).  It’s quite a peculiar, rather adult noise.

This morning, before I was properly awake, he appeared at our bedroom door clutching a bright yellow synthetic feather.  “Mum!  I found a feather!  It’s from my duck!  Where’s my duck?!”

I can’t remember him making a duck, but his memory of it is clearly better than mine.  I managed not to answer with an inarticulate “huuuuuh?” (for once), instead falling back on a deceptively alert-sounding, “I really don’t know, Fainjin”.

“Gaah! There’s always a mystery in this house.”

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

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2 Responses to “Mysteries”

  1. Karen G Says:

    Your posts always make me smile – or laugh! 🙂

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