Fainjin brought home a letter from school this week.  It explained that next week on Tuesday the children are allowed to take in a toy from home.  This is an exception to the usual rule that toys are not allowed to go to school.  They can take one toy which must be able to fit in their school bag, and it will come home the same afternoon.  They are going to draw a picture of their toy and write a description.

For the past few days, Fainjin has asked me every day, “What day is it?” When I tell him, he reminds me, “On Tuesday I can take a toy to school!”  He considered taking some Lego, but we decided that Lego is too easy to lose.  He’s very happy to take Green Bear instead.

This morning I found him in the lounge with pencil, paper and bear.  He was carefully sketching Green Bear, and then he asked me to help him spell some words.  He was practising for school!  I’ve had a look around this evening but I can’t locate that piece of paper.  I’m going to try to find it so I can show his teacher, she will love it.

Next to the bear is written, “Why is Green Bear sad?”

Oh – and in case you were wondering – he did get to vacuum the kitchen today!  And clean the toilet too!

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