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Olympic fever has gripped the UpsideBackwards household this week.  The bigger kids are studying it at school, and Fainjin is particularly interested.  He was only 1 last time the Games were on, so it is all new and exciting for him.  His class has learnt about the Ancient Olympics, too… that has led to some interesting observations! (“Mum, they didn’t wear anything at all, not even a hat!”)

So on Saturday morning we turned on the TV and watched the Opening Ceremony together.  Fainjin and Pearl translated what they saw into Lego models, creating an Olympic Stadium, an Olympic torch and a “nightmare”.  Fainjin was unimpressed with the giant Voldemort figure.  While the girls gasped, he nonchalantly remarked, “If that came to our house for real, I’d probably fight it down”.  It’s nice to know he’s here to protect us!

We’ve watched rowing, swimming, gymnastics, fencing (“yay! swordfighting!” crowed Fainjin), dressage, football, canoeing and diving so far.  We cheered on Lauren Boyle this morning, so proud she got into the final, NZ’s first medal chance this Games.  I’ve been staying up far too late at night, watching “just one more” rowing heat or swimming race.  We got Pearl up at 10:40pm to watch some dressage since she is so horse-mad.  She wasn’t all that impressed, I think she will enjoy the cross-country and show-jumping more.

This morning Babess ran around the house “swimming” with her arms, convinced she could go to the next Games for NZ.  This evening she has decided that “when she’s grown-up” she’s going to do canoe-slalom.

And there’s only about 14 days more of all this…

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