Mummy Day

Babess stayed home from daycare yesterday and had a “Mummy Day”.  She has been asking for one for a while, and when I finally managed to organise to give her one, I found that she had been planning for it.

First of all, we had to drop the big kids at school of course.  She loves visiting Fainjin’s classroom and makes herself right at home.  Then we had to go into the city to get her day started.

The bus takes a long time, so she had brought a soft toy with her.  She spent the trip talking to it and showing it things out the window.  When the toy “got bored”, it started dancing.

Finally we were in town.  We were ready for some morning tea, so we stopped at a cafe.  It wasn’t a place I had been before, but we’ll be back.  They were lovely to Babess, the food was good, and the fluffy was served with no less than four marshmallows as well as a chocolate fish!  Also, they had a variety of gingerbread people.  Babess chose one with a pink sparkly dress and high-heeled shoes.

Then it was off to her first planned activity for the day: Carter Observatory.  We spent 90 minutes in the museum – we didn’t even see a planetarium show.  Babess watched both the movies in the little auditorium, spent a lot of time in the “space station module”, and “launched” several rockets. It was the day of the Curiosity landing on Mars, but the timing was all wrong – it was landing about dinner-time and we were there in the morning.

We took a bus all the way back to our village again, and had a late lunch in our favourite cafe.  Then we popped into the supermarket for a few things (I even bought myself some flowers!) and the lovely ladies there greeted Babess by name and remarked that it was ages since they had seen her.  Then they handed her a lollipop (having checked with me first).  On the way home she said rather smugly, “Mummy, today I have had too many sugar!”

She had wanted to get out her bead set and make a necklace, but we ran out of time (and energy).  Instead we had a scant quarter-hour of quiet time before going out to get the big kids back from school.

Today she had lots to tell her friends and teachers about!

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