I don’t want to go…

Babess has been reluctant to go to daycare in recent weeks.  She has a great time when she gets there, but she tells us she doesn’t want to go, she wants to stay with Mummy all the time, and she clings to us when we drop her off.  We’ve been talking to her teachers about it and making sure she is happy there and getting the support she needs, which she is.

Then she got a bug.  On Wednesday just after lunchtime we got the dreaded call, and she came home looking terrible.  “Mummy.  I’m sick,” she declared resentfully when she saw me.  She spent the rest of that day and all of the next tucked up in blankets feeling yuck but wondering why we were so mean as to deprive her of interesting food.

There is a 48-hour stand-down from daycare, so she was home for the rest of the week. Fully recovered on Friday, she quite enjoyed pottering around home with Mummy, helping with the housework by washing down all the kitchen cupboards and vacuuming the kitchen, hallway and lounge.

She clearly figured out she was on to a good thing.  “Mummy, I am going to be sick on Monday.” “But you’re not sick any more, you’re fine.  You just can’t go to daycare today.”  “No, I’m not sick today, and I’m not sick on Saturday and Sunday home-days.  But I’m sick on Mondays and other daycare days.  OK, Mummy?”

This could make Monday morning interesting…

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4 Responses to “I don’t want to go…”

  1. 23thorns Says:

    Sounds terrifyingly familiar!

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