What’s going to work?

Our freshly-landscaped front garden is starting to look loved.  The bulbs we planted are coming up, and it’s a lovely surprise to find out what they are, because we planted a mixed bag.  There are little drifts of white crocus, some bright pink hyacinths, beautifully scented erlicheers, daffodils starting to open and I’m still hoping for a tulip or two in there somewhere.  Ranunculus are showing plenty of leaves but no flowers yet.

Poppies are starting to look like the buds might open soon.  The nemesia has bushed up nicely and has a sprinkling of purple flowers.  Elsewhere in the garden, the plum blossom is almost all gone and new dark-red leaves are bursting out all over the tree.  Peas are flowering, and the delphinium has sprung back into life with lots of new leaves.

The most exciting development is tiny little green/white baby strawberries starting to appear!  I hope we get to feast on those in a few weeks, not the birds.

Of course, lots of weeds are popping up too, even faster than the new lawn.  A little while ago I took the kids out with me to look at the new flowers, and showed them which ones were weeds.  They all set to with a will, and Babess led them in a sort of spiritual chorus, chanting, “What’s going to work?” and then they’d all sing, “Teeeam-work!”

I think it’s from a TV show they had been watching, but it did feel a little bit like having my very own child-sized chain gang.

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4 Responses to “What’s going to work?”

  1. Mrs. M Says:

    Fun! Even though we’re renting, we can’t seem to avoid doing a little bit of landscaping (it’s what you get when you come from one family of green-thumbs and one family of horticulturalists) and we’re about to start a mini vege/herb garden.

  2. Paula Says:

    Ahh Wonderpets, my 2.5 year old loves it. I often have to sing Wondergrace with made up words on our way to daycare. Love your blog, makes me smile.

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