Bound for adventure

Just a little while ago, we took Fainjin and Babess to get their hair cut.  Fainjin’s hair was cut quite short, and he looked very handsome indeed (not that I might have a bias, of course).

Fainjin has some awkward cowlicks – inherited from me, I’m afraid.  In particular, he has one at the front of each temple.  When he was a baby and his hair was just growing in, they made cute little spirals.

One week after his haircut, one of these cowlicks is making itself very obvious.  The hair has grown just long enough to stick straight up in a little tuft.

“Oh Fainjin!” I said when I noticed it.  “Perhaps we’ll have to go back to the hairdresser and see what they can do.”

“No, Mum!  I like it!  It makes me look like Tintin.”

Well, okay then.

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