Reading at school

Babess is very proud of her “reading”.  It’s mostly memorisation, of course, but she likes to point to the words and predict the story, and she’s very very good at remembering the words in simple readers.

Yesterday we sat in the library and read several easy books together, getting uneasy glances from some other mothers, and one friendly impressed comment.  That gave me the opportunity to say that Babess is older than she looks, and has a brother at school whom she is keen to copy – which relieved some of the uneasy glances a bit.

This morning when we took Fainjin to school, Babess wanted to “read” one of her library books to his teacher.  Mrs X is lovely with Babess, and encouraged her to sit on the big chair to read.  Mrs X sat on the floor next to her and called the class on to the mat (it was time for school to start anyway) to listen to Babess’ story.  Babess did very well – although without looking at the words at all! – and the class all clapped her efforts.

Mrs X awarded her a scratch-and-sniff sticker for reading so well, and Babess glowed all the way home.

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