Hoping for a quiet weekend

In the early hours of this morning I was listening to the Reith Lectures and wondering if the house would fly away (or the roof stay intact) in the howling winds, when the burning-hot little boy next to me suddenly said loudly, “Yeah!”  Without opening his eyes, he said, “Do you know who I was talking to, Mum?”


“It was F, he was in my dream.” And then he apparently went back to dreaming, and coughing, and wriggling.

He had appeared in our room at 12:45am, complaining that it was scary in his room because there was invisible lava that looked just like normal but his friends (including F) kept falling in it and he didn’t feel very well.  He had a temperature and a croupy-sounding cough.  I took him to the kitchen for some paracetamol and a drink of water, and then he came back to snuggle next to me.

I’d already had Babess home for two days this week with an ear infection, and am fighting off a bug myself, so it has been a rough week and the doctor’s waiting room is becoming more familiar than our own sitting room.

Tonight Pearl is looking pale and feeling rather non-specifically unwell.  I expect it is the same virus that Fainjin has, and I think we are probably in for a quiet, stay-at-home, rest-with-books sort of weekend.  As the wind is forecast to continue to howl, it’s probably not much different from what we’d have to do anyway.

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