An overflowing sun

Fainjin was talking astronomy (again) this evening over dinner.

“Did you know,” this is his favourite way to start a question to which he is going to tell you the answer anyway, “that you could fit one million Earths into the Sun?”

We all professed amazement and admiration.

“And one hundred Jupiters!”

“One thousand Jupiters in the Sun?!” asked Babess.

“Nooo!” he scoffed.  “That’s too much! Some would stick out!  One hundred!”

The Dad and I were much amused at the mental image of extraneous Jupiters sticking out of the Sun.

(PS – Babess was right, you could fit about 1,000 Jupiters into the Sun).

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

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One Response to “An overflowing sun”

  1. L Says:


    Thanks for the smile.

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