One of those days

“Have you got a mouse in there?” the doctor asked Babess, her stethescope still on Babess’ chest.  Babess giggled and said no.

“It’s all squeaky!” she was told, just before being prescribed – and immediately dispensed – a little bag of jellybeans.

She still has her ear infection as well, poor babe, so another more traditional prescription was also provided.

In the waiting room just before our appointment, my phone had rung – it was school, calling to say Fainjin had bumped his head.  So on our way home Babess and I went to check him out.  He has a large egg on the back of his head, but hadn’t lost consciousness and wasn’t sick, dizzy or confused.  He was working happily in his classroom when we arrived, but leapt at the offer to come home with us instead.

And so the three of us headed home for a quiet day of lego and children’s tv.  Only to behold a front garden full of someone else’s rubbish: one of our neighbours put out their recycling on the wrong day, and the bag must have blown into our driveway and split open.  With the strong winds we have had, the contents had spread out quite a way.  On the bright side, it was recycling rubbish and not general waste, so there were no old chicken bones or worse!

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