Babess and Fainjin were talking about writing something today.  There was a (theoretical) mistake, and they needed to cross out a letter.  Fainjin protested: “You can’t cross out an X because it’s already a cross!”

I suggested that they could spend some time today cleaning their room – putting toys in toyboxes and books on the bookcase.  Babess was happy to, but Fainjin was reluctant.  Babess chivvied him along, saying she needed his help and “What’s going to work? Teamwork!”

“Babess,” intoned her big brother, “do you know what works even faster?”

“No, what?” wide-eyed for the wisdom he was about to impart.

“Getting more people.”  I think he intended other people, but he did help her and they made some progress!

© UpsideBackwards 2012.

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