A Capital Destination

We flew to Canberra, Australia’s capital city.  We went to the car park to find our rental car.  “Can we just take any car we like?” Babess asked, surveying the rows of shiny new-looking vehicles.  “No,” I said, “we have to take the one they’ve given us.”  It is a nice car, though, and when we found it, I noted the licence plate and said, “Hey, it’s a Queensland car!”
Babess looked most concerned.  “Is it ok?  Can we get in it?”

“Yes, in you hop,” after a very early morning and a couple of flights I wasn’t feeling the sharpest.  “Doesn’t the Queen need it today?” Babess asked, and only then did it dawn on me why she was worried.  Not the Queen’s car, a Queensland car!  We sorted that out, and carried on.

The children are impressed with our accommodation, and raced around exploring their rooms and all the facilities.  Eventually Babess and Fainjin ended up sitting in the sunshine on our little patio.  “Canberra is brilliant!” Fainjin enthused.

Just wait until he sees Questacon.

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