Daycare are having a cake stall this week, along with an open day.  I was wondering aloud what at make, when Pearl offered to make a chocolate cake.  “Me too!” said Fainjin, and “Me too!” chimed in Babess.

“OK then, off you go,” I said, and watched them do it.  Pearl assembled all the ingredients, occasionally asking me for help when she couldn’t reach something or wasn’t sure.  Fainjin and Babess squabbled a bit over the best position to watch from, but soon enough things were peaceful and productive.

Pearl measured and sifted the dry ingredients, and added the wet.  She encouraged the younger ones to help her count the measures and stir the batter.  I lined the cake tin for her and helped scrape the batter into it.

I was pretty impressed.

They all scampered off to play with the Lego.  I put the cake in the oven, set the timer, and called them back to tidy up the kitchen!

I’ve added 3 batches of fudge (it always sells well) and one of Moro Bar Crisp to the our contribution.  Let’s hope the hungry hordes descend with open wallets.

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