Winning things

I am quite good at winning competitions.  I enter whatever appeals and is easy – email and twitter competitions are great, and there are several in the local newspaper or some magazines that I enter as well.  I certainly don’t win everything (or even close to it!) that I enter, but I suppose I enter enough of them that the prizes – usually small ones – come gratifyingly often.

The Dad often laughs and shakes his head when I tell him excitedly, “I won something on twitter today!”

I am passing the lucky gene on, too.

This morning Fainjin came looking for something to do.  I was sewing for the school fair, and had my netbook next to me with my twitter feed on screen.  Right at that moment, I saw this tweet:

We have 5 kids bags to give away. Tweet us a drawing of an elephant before 2pm today to be in to win!

— ASB Bank (@ASBBank) October 9, 2012


“How would you like to enter a competition?” I asked Fainjin.  “You might win something!  Or not, because it’s a competition and not everyone can win.”

“OK!” he said, and went off to draw an elephant.   He drew a robot elephant which had just won a race.

See the blue ribbons for winning the race?

And he was a winner!  He was very proud of himself, and is looking forward to getting a parcel in the mail in the next few days.

The Dad laughed and shook his head.

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