Let’s go swimming…

Fainjin starts swimming lessons at school this week.  He’s excited about it, but all I can think of is I hope it’s not a repeat of this episode almost exactly 3 years ago.  I keep reminding him, “it will be wet, you get in the water and you do put your face and head in, and they will get wet”.  He happily agrees…

We don’t go swimming often, it’s just not something that’s on our family calendar.  It might have something to do with all five of us coming down with a tummy bug the day after we last went to the public pool together, two or three years ago – it was rather off-putting.  So Fainjin doesn’t have a lot of experience in swimming pools.

We went to the public swimming pool yesterday just to visit their shop and get him some goggles.  He had great fun trying some on, and immediately picked the most expensive pair (of course!).  With some expert assistance from the pool employee, we settled on a less pricey pair which fit well and still “look pretty cool, eh Mum?”

Then our lovely helper went out of her way to give us a guided tour, showing Fainjin where his school lessons will be, where the changing rooms are, where the “big pool” is, for when he can swim like a fish and joins the squad, and where the “play pool” is, for after lessons and family visits.  It was really great, he was very excited and now has a sense of the place he will be going to each week.

So tonight I asked him to get his clothes ready for the first day of school term tomorrow.  “What will you wear?” I asked.  “My goggles!” he giggled.

Swimming’s not till Thursday…

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