Crafty Babess

Babess’ asthma is playing up at the moment, and she was too wheezy to go to daycare today so we had a day together.  It was a gloriously sunny day, and I had to spend the morning in another village – mostly waiting around.  It was not at all onerous, given the weather.  We pottered around together, inspecting cafes and the library and the garden centre.

We stopped for morning tea at the cafe inside the garden centre, and I pulled out my latest crochet project while I had my cup of tea.  Babess finished her fluffy and tiny cupcake well before I was done, of course, and started fidgeting and asking to leave to find a playground.  Just because she can’t breathe very well is no reason to stop running around, in her book.

“How would you like to do some crochet too?” I asked.

“Oooh yes!” she does like to be grown-up, and I am working with lovely bright colours she finds very appealing at the moment.  I gave her a large hook and a length of my yarn, and showed her how to make a chain.

She struggled with it, as I had expected, but persevered for a while.  Then she decided to cut off a shorter length.  She spent the next twenty minutes or so “measuring” yarn, wrapping and unwrapping it around her hook, tying knots in it, and cutting it into little pieces.  Every so often I’d give her a length of a different colour.

I got to finish my tea and my afghan block, and she had a great time.  I might have to get her a ball of yarn of her own soon, lest she cut all my stash into 1-inch lengths!

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