Sydney in a whirl

We’re just back from a 3-day trip to Sydney.  Quite the jet-set, you may think, but the reason was a sad one, a family funeral.  However, it was a lovely funeral for a wonderful man – a great-uncle to our children –  and a loving family gathering.  The children met second-cousins they had never seen (and some they had never heard of), and found things in common beyond looks and and great-grandparents.  The parents renewed old acquaintance (and made new) with cousins and cousins-in-law, catching up on several years of news that hadn’t made the Christmas letters.

In the brief period before and after the funeral, we enjoyed being in Sydney as always.  It was warm, and quite muggy, and we didn’t need to carry cardigans let alone warm jackets.  We sat outside to eat in a Japanese restaurant near our hotel, and the children were enchanted to find blankets provided on their seats.  The waitresses charmed and were charmed by the kids, particularly Babess, whom they sneaked up on to wrap her up in a bright red blanket, and to tickle the back of her neck just to hear her giggle.

We barely escaped being caught in a spectacular storm, dashing the last 30m or so to a covered walkway as the huge raindrops started.  We spent about 15 minutes on that walkway as lightning flashed and thunder boomed, shaking the ground.  Then the hail started, pea-sized lumps of ice pelting down.  Fainjin was delighted, rushing to pick up the hailstones which ricocheted into the walkway off adjacent building walls.  Babess was petrified and bawled, despite my best efforts to calm and soothe her with cuddles and words in her ear which she probably couldn’t hear over the roar of the hail on the iron roof.

We discovered that the Wiggles exhibition is still on at the Powerhouse.  We had seen it last time we were in Sydney, and the kids loved it.  The adults found it rather… overwhelming, after a while.  I had thought (hoped?) it was a temporary installation, but apparently not.  Fortunately for our sanity, this time the novelty was less and we were able to explore some other parts of the museum after only an hour or so.

We had a lovely picnic in the park with Grandma & Grandad, family photos, defending our lunch from encroaching ibis, and children running around with Uncle G to explore.

Three days was just enough for us to start getting used to the 2-hour time difference, and need to readjust now we’re home.  Getting everyone up and out the door to school and work tomorrow might be a challenge!

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