Career choices

Fainjin was very helpful this afternoon.  He washed the kitchen cupboards for me, vacuumed the hallway, and then I suggested he help me peel the veges.  He’s always very interested in cooking, and I keep hoping some of it will turn into interest in eating something new.

We pulled a chair over to the bench, and he stood on it next to where I was working.  I showed him how to peel a carrot, and handed him one with a peeler.  He peeled the carrot (well, half of it), while I did the other carrots, potatoes and kumara.

“I’m really enjoying this, Mum,” he said companionably.

“You could be a really good cook when you grow up!” I suggested.

“Oh, I’m not going to be a cook when I grow up,” he said.  “I’m going to be a painter.”

“A painter?” First time I’ve heard that one.  “An artist-painter, or a house-painter?”

“A house painter.  And painting boxes too.”

“Oh.  OK.  What made you decide to be a painter?”

“It’s better than being a firefighter.”

“Why is that?”

“‘Cos you don’t have to put out fires.”

“Yes, that would be true.”

“And you know what, Mum?  I’m going to paint a box like a fire engine.  And I’m going to do a house… tiger pattern!”

“Wow!  That would be a cool house.”

“Yeah.  ‘Cos I would paint things the awesomest.”

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