The solution for all ills

“Mum!” Babess came running in from the back yard, all importance and breathless melodrama.  “I have Very Sad News!”

She has quite a talent for speaking in capital letters.

“What’s that, Babess?” I asked, continuing to wash the dishes.

“There’s a Big Black Cloud coming over the hill!  And Daddy is still hanging out the washing!”

“I’m sure it will be ok.  It doesn’t look like it will rain here.  That cloud is a long way away, and the wind is blowing it further away.”

“But it’s a Big! Black! Cloud!  Poor Daddy!  He’s still hanging the washing!”

There was a pause while she contemplated the tragedy of it all.  Then she made a pronouncement:

“We must make him Food!”

© UpsideBackwards 2012.


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