Solar Eclipse

I was stuck in a meeting this morning.  All I could do was glance wistfully out of the window and note that the light was definitely dimmer than it had been a few minutes before, and later note that it was brighter again.

But the children were more fortunate – the older ones, anyway.

Fainjin’s class took turns looking through special viewing glasses and “it was so cool Mum, you could see the moon going in front of the sun!” He agreed that it got dim during the eclipse – a partial eclipse, in NZ – and found it all very exciting.

Pearl’s class also took turns looking through glasses, and had a pinhole camera as well.  She got two turns, she told me, and was fascinated by how quickly the moon had moved across the sun.

Babess looked regretful.  “We missed out.  It’s so sad.  We had a card with a hole in it, on the window, and we were going to watch the moon, but we were too late.  But we could still see the sun with it!”

The next total solar eclipse visible in NZ will be in 2028, I understand.  I hope we can make a family trip to the South Island to see it!

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One Response to “Solar Eclipse”

  1. Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

    There’s more to the Babess story. They tried to reenact the eclipse, and she played the moon. She walked around a friend who played the Earth, who in turn walked around another friend playing the sun. I asked if she’d got between the Earth and sun, but for some reason they didn’t achieve that crucial moment.

    The Dad

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