Paying the price

You can’t just swan off to Sydney with three kids for a few days and carry on regardless.

Fainjin has struggled at school this week.  He burst into tears one day and begged his teacher to call me, because all he wanted was to be with Mummy.  She gave him lots of cuddles and some time out of the classroom (luckily there was a reliever in the classroom that day and his regular teacher was nearby so she could give him some one-on-one attention), and he was ok.  But he’s tired.  It’s nearly the end of his first year at school.  Boys’ Brigade finished this week, he’s still playing floorball, and he has school swimming lessons each week too.  In my experience, nothing wears kids out like a morning in the pool.

Babess has been slightly clingy, slightly whiney.  Last night she lost the plot, and – completely and utterly overtired – sobbed great hiccupy snotty sobs at the misery of life, until she fell asleep.

I struggled this week too.  On Wednesday I woke up feeling achy for no reason.  I felt dreadful all day, nothing terribly specific but just awful.  I left work early to come home and sit in the sun for a bit and steel myself for the rest of the week.

I’ve improved over the past couple of days, but if it was a virus it seems Pearl has now caught it.  I was called to collect her from school yesterday morning.  She is very tired, hasn’t been sleeping well, and is headachey and feels “yuck”.  Nothing very specific.  Sometimes she has a bit of a temperature, but mostly not.  Today she hardly had the energy to sit on the couch.  You know she’s sick when she’s not even reading!
The Dad says he has a tickly throat, and I can tell he is tired too.

It’s exceedingly tempting to declare a family long weekend and keep everyone home on Monday (at least!) to build our reserves back up.

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