Teacher Training

Fainjin is tiring of school  a little bit.  This isn’t very surprising – he’s only 5, it’s his first year, and we’re nearly at the end of it.  Everyone is tired.

His teacher has mentioned to me that sometimes he just decides he doesn’t want to do something that the class is doing.  She has found that promising him a turn on the class i-pad later is a good motivator – and sometimes she doesn’t even need to follow through because he forgets!


This afternoon he said to me, “Mum, do you know why I decided to cry at handwriting time today?”

“What?! You cried at handwriting time?  Why?”

“Because then Mrs X says I can have a turn on the i-pad!”  He was quite pleased with this strategy.

Fainjin and I had a little conversation about this behaviour.  I’ll be having a little conversation with Mrs X, too…

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