Concert season

Last weekend Pearl sang in a concert with her mid-week choir.  I love listening to this group, they have an excellent tutor and he really brings out the best in them.  They only number about a dozen children (aged 8-13), but they have an amazing sound and sing in wonderful harmony.  Sometimes they will divide into as many as four voices – pretty tricky for little kids!  They are in tune, know their music, and enunciate clearly.  Like I said, they have an excellent tutor.

This weekend both Pearl and Fainjin sang in the end-of-year concert for their Saturday morning music school.  Again, Pearl is in the choir.  It’s a slightly smaller choir, competing as it does with sports fixtures.  They have a great teacher too.  They stand up straight and confident and sing out proud.  It’s quite a different repertoire to the mid-week choir, and Pearl enjoys the variety.  She’s lucky to have not one but two great singing opportunities (well, three, because she’s in the school choir as well).

Fainjin sang with his music class of mostly 5-yr-olds.  They concentrate on music appreciation and exploration for the littlies, learning about the different instruments and the basics of reading music.  They sing and dance and have loads of fun.  For the concert they all took an instrument out of “The Box” – wood blocks, maracas, bells, etc – and lined up to sing a couple of Christmas songs.   They did very very well, mostly remembering the words and having a great time making lots of noise in front of an adoring audience.   They were hands-down the cutest class in the concert.  Not that I’m biased, of course.

We stayed to listen to the harps.  I never thought I’d hear “Chopsticks” on a harp, let alone on 11 at once.  It was unexpectedly awesome.

Tonight we went to my niece & nephew’s annual dance school end-of-year show.  They did brilliantly and we’re so proud of them.

So much talent on show in such a short time!

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