That cafe

Boy’s Brigade has finished for the year, so on those evenings Fainjin now has to accompany Pearl & me to choir.  The first week of this wasn’t very successful.  He was bored, and fidgety, and quite definitely grumpy by the end of the hour.

This week I decided to take him out of range for the duration.  We left choir and went to pick up a little bit of shopping, then I promised we could have afternoon tea at a cafe.

“Which cafe?” he asked, and named one close to home but not close to choir.

“Not that one,” I replied, “we’ll have to find another one closer to here.”

“Hey Mum,” he said, as a brilliant idea struck him, “what if…”


“What if there was a cafe, and it was called That Cafe?”

I looked at him.  “That would be pretty clever, actually.”

“Yeah!” he was exceptionally pleased with himself.  “Cos then people would say, ‘What cafe do you want to go to?’ and you would say, ‘That Cafe!'”

And he chortled all the way down the street.

Remember, we thought of it first!

© UpsideBackwards 2012.


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