Getting the Look

Once again summer has snuck up on us, the children have grown out of all their clothes, and we are staring down the barrel of a Queensland Christmas with a wardrobe full of jeans, tights, and long-sleeved shirts.

Time to go shopping!

First I went through Fainjin’s & Babess’ drawers, removing all the too-small clothes, as well as some they just never wear for whatever reason.  That was reasonably reassuring – they both have lots of t-shirts that fit them, at least.  I don’t really know how this happens.  We must have started with hundreds of t-shirts in several sizes, because we never seem to run out, although we hand on dozens each season.

Space now made, we went looking for new things.  I told them that they each needed a “smart” outfit for Christmas.  We have a couple of church things to go to and it would be nice if they didn’t look like complete scruffs in the Christmas morning photos.

Babess was thrilled.  She waltzed through the shop saying, “Let’s try this on!  And this one!  Here’s a pink one of those! Did you get that one, Mum?  I like that one too!”

Fainjin was the opposite.  “No!  I don’t want to look smart!  I want to look awesome!”

Apparently awesome means t-shirts with ninja lego or angry birds on them.  We found some short-sleeved button shirts and plain shorts, and persuaded him into the changing room.

Babess merrily tried on dozens of outfits.  Sadly, she is so small and slight of figure that most things didn’t fit.  The smaller sizes were too short, and the larger sizes ballooned out over her chest.  She sobbed when the pretty dress with roses and a net petticoat was put away, but she does like the pink dress we chose in the end.

Fainjin grudgingly tried on one of the shirts.  “Hey!” I said, “You look really handsome!  It makes you look older, quite grown-up.”

He preened.  He looked in the mirror.  “I look like I’m about seven,” he agreed.

Apparently looking older is awesome when you’re nearly six.  He happily tried on the rest of his clothes, and because he is average size for his age, they all fit.  Lucky boy.  Now he has two smart and awesome outfits for summer!

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