Bloodthirsty Babess!

As we left to go out this afternoon, Babess said firmly to me, “I’ve got my sword, and if there are any baddies, I can kill them!”


She repeated her assertion, calmly and confidently (she didn’t have a sword, it was just pretending, but I was a bit disturbed by the violent intentions).

“No,” I said, “I’m not happy with you saying you’re going to kill people.”

“Not people!” she said, “Just baddies.”

A long discussion took place in the car – mostly between the children, with some comments from us – about people, baddies, aliens (what are baddies, if not people? well, they might be aliens!), why we shouldn’t kill aliens either, whether there might even be any aliens, the morality of killing animals whether for food or not, and killing in self-defence.  Then it veered off into resurrection, whether it might be generally available or not, and whether Jesus died again after Easter.

Whew.  Who ever thought going for a Sunday drive was relaxing?

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