Fainjin is 6

Happy Birthday Fainjin!

It has been a scattered sort of birthday this year – a party just after Christmas with most of the Australian family, and more birthday presents from NZ family when we gathered to “do Christmas” yesterday, so there was only the big present from Mum and Dad to open this morning.  He confidently predicted it would be Lego “‘cos everyone always gives me Lego” (he says this with a huge grin), and sure enough it was the big Lego mining set he has been drooling over for a while.

A special “birthday present” was that his grown-up cousin had slept over the night before, having babysat so The Dad and I could go to a concert.  Fainjin adores this cousin almost to the point of worship, so having him not only babysit but be around for breakfast and to play for the morning was simply heaven.  And grown-up cousin is very very good at playing with the little ones.  He stretches his extremely long frame out on the floor to put the Sylvanian Family babies to bed in their little cottage with Babess, happily helps with the trickier bits of Lego, and then throws the Frisbee around in the yard for them to chase.

We had the traditional extended family dinner at the usual restaurant, and the chocolate cake had a dinosaur on it again – this time a mosaic of lollies.  I’ll put a photo up later.

Happy Birthday, young man!

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One Response to “Fainjin is 6”

  1. Stimey Says:

    Happy birthday to you great guy!

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