Dinner tonight was chicken and rice with vegetables.   Babess “finished” and put her plate on the bench – and I noticed she had eaten her rice and veges but not any chicken.  I’d only given her a couple of little pieces in any case, so I called her back and told her to eat them.

She ate the first one, then looked at me.  “Hey Mum, is this chicken made of real chicken?”

“Yeesss….” I wasn’t quite sure what she was asking.  I’m not in the habit of serving faux chicken (although my own mother was guilty at least once of serving rabbit and calling it chicken).

“Does it say ‘boock boock’?”

“Well, it used to.”  She looked at me, and I could swear she raised a single eyebrow.

“It’s dead now.  That’s why we can eat it.”  I didn’t think I really needed to go into details.

She popped the second piece in her mouth, then went to find her brother.  “Hey, Fainjin! Did you know, this chicken is made of real chicken?  That says ‘boock boock’?”


“But it died.” sad voice “So now we can eat it!” happy voice

“Yeah, ‘cos it dies, then the supermarket turns it into meat.”  Big brother was happy to show he already knew all about it.

These kids crack me up.

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