Best holiday ever

What could be better than wading into the sea to catch a glimpse of a dead whale?

That’s what Fainjin did today.  We had heard there was a sperm whale washed up on a beach not outrageously far away, and The Dad had the day off (because I was working), so he took Fainjin and Pearl out to see it.

It was a 15m-long mature whale which had apparently died of natural causes, and there were large crowds on the beach to see it.  The tide was coming in, so The Dad and Fainjin went up to knee-deep to get a better view.  Pearl was not in the least bit interested in walking through “dead whale water” for the privilege, so she stayed dry.

You can see a news story & video about the whale here:

Then they went to the planetarium and saw a film about aliens.  Then to their favourite cafe for pikelets and a milkshake.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

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