Weddings – doing it right

Yesterday afternoon we went to my cousin’s wedding.  It was a truly lovely occasion, made only more amusing by Babess.

When we took our pew in the church, Babess was thrilled to find books on the shelf in front of her.  Scorning the children’s bible stories, she picked up the Bible and the hymn book, both weighty tomes, and alternated between them.  She would run her finger along the dense lines of text, “reading” them and telling me what they “said”.  This kept her nicely occupied while we waited for the bride to arrive.

“This book says everything you have to have for a wedding,” she informed me.  “It says… you have to have blue seats.”

I looked at the pew cushions.  Blue.  “Good, I think we’re set, then.”  She nodded sagely and turned back to the book.

“It says you have to have a window with baby Jesus on it,” she whispered.  I looked, and sure enough there was.  Whew.

“It says, you have to have blue walls high up, and a white roof.”  Funny how her book was describing the church so exactly.  She took up the hymn book, and leafed through it.  She knows what written music looks like.  “It says we have to sing all this music.”

“Aaaaah, I don’t think we’re going to sing any songs, actually Babess.”  She gave me a disapproving stare.  “No, it says we have to have All. This.  Music.”

There was soft music being played in the background.  “They’ve chosen their own music, and it’s coming through the speakers, see?”

“Ah!” all was right with the world again.  “And that music is all this music [in the book].  That’s a better idea.”  I just agreed that the modern-ish love songs were exactly the Gregorian chants she was looking at.  I didn’t want to risk her wrath at this stage.

The groom – my cousin – said a few words before the ceremony.  In case I had forgotten who he was, Babess whispered in my ear, “That’s J.” I nodded.  “Because the girl is M,” she added.

I’m so glad she was there to help me through it all.

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2 Responses to “Weddings – doing it right”

  1. Louise F Says:

    Hello Kate and Pearl I am not sure if you are familiar with Natalie Merchant’s work. She is an American singer/song writer. She has recently done an album that is solely based on children’s poetry – here is one of the tracks that you both may like,

    Lots of love, Louise XXXXX

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