Snails and puppy-dog tails

Pearl & Fainjin were walking with  me, home from the supermarket, and conversation meandered as it does.  Fainjin said something about dinosaurs, and Pearl erupted in frustration.

“Dinosaurs! Nothing but dinosaurs!  Don’t boys ever think of anything else?!”

Fainjin, lost in a world of his own (full of dinosaurs, no doubt), didn’t seem to hear her.

“Oh, I’m sure Fainjin thinks about other things,” I said mildly.  “He likes spaceships, for example…”

Fainjin’s ears pricked up at the word “spaceships”.  “Yeah!  Rockets and aliens!”

“What else do you think about, Fainjin?” I encouraged him.

“Crocodiles.  Sharks.  Lego.  Snakes.  Dinosaurs.”

Pearl gave us a disgusted look, and we walked on.

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2 Responses to “Snails and puppy-dog tails”

  1. Karen G Says:

    How cute!
    It seems some things never change. My younger brother was enthralled with dinosaurs, too – way back in the early 1970’s! He knew all of the multi-syllable dinosaur names, by age five if not earlier.
    Also, the playroom floor was apparently covered in ‘hot lava’, which you could avoid by stepping – or, leaping – only on the furniture. [This was pretty creative, as there are NO active volcanoes on the East coast of the US. To my knowledge.] I ignored the precaution, of course, and I’m still around. 🙂
    He did grow out of this phase – eventually.
    In fairness, I was probably obsessed with the Little House series, the Bobbsey Twins, the Happy Hollisters, and Nancy Drew. Not to mention Barbie [probably out of favor now – this *was* in the 60’s / 70’s] and something called ‘Liddle Kiddles’ dolls. And drawing and writing ‘poems’.
    We both liked Lego, so that was something.
    Sorry for the *long* comment – your post brought back some very fond, and funny, memories.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      No problem at all – any non-spam comment is always most welcome! 🙂
      My little brother was dino-obsessed too. At age 5 he told his teacher when he grew up he wanted to be a palaentologist!
      The children’s bedroom is full of lava, too, as are the cracks in the footpath wherever we walk. That must be another almost-universal game… I wonder where they get it from? Amazing if they’re all inventing it independently!

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