School’s back

Wow, what a busy couple of weeks it has been.  School is back, various after-school activities – but not all of them – have started again, and the morning and afternoon time-juggle has been quite strenuous as I am back at work and coordinating the five of us to all end up in the same place at the same time (ie the dinner table at dinner time!) at the end of the day has been a challenge.

I failed earlier this week, forgot to get them from their three different locations in the right order, and ended up with a couple of extra long bus trips with kids in tow.

Pearl is happy at school so far.  She is in an extension programme which she is really excited about and is preparing for a school camp in a few weeks which will include a horse-riding trip.

Fainjin has had a harder time of it.  He was very anxious about going back because he didn’t want to be in a new class with a new teacher.  He has been “finding the boundaries” with his new teacher, and spent some time in the “reflection room” considering his options.  He seems to have come to some good conclusions, though, and his teacher is happy with how things are going.

Babess is still itching to go to school.  She insists on packing a lunchbox each morning – despite the fact that daycare provides lunch and snacks – and takes it in a school bag.

Only four months to wait…

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