There’s no Boys’ Brigade for Fainjin this term, to his immense disappointment, and this leaves him at loose ends on days that Pearl has choir.  We have fallen into a routine of taking her to choir, then running whatever nearby errands we (I) might have before settling in at a favourite cafe for a fluffy and a lemon slice.

This morning I reminded Fainjin of our “date”.  “Shall we go to the library later, and then the cafe for a lemon slice?” I asked.  He was very enthusiastic.

“I’m going to choose a book that Pearl will like, and then I will choose one for me!” he said, “And then we can have a lemon slice, it’s so yummy!”  He gave me a great big hug, and I was happy that he knew what was planned for the afternoon.


Then I heard him run to Pearl.  “Pearl!  I’m going to the library and I’m going to get one book that you will like, and one book that I can read.  Mum and I are going to the library today and you’re going to school!”

Pearl immediately protested, and I jumped in.  “Fainjin, you’re still going to school!  We’re going to the library after school, when Pearl goes to choir, remember?”

His face crumpled and he wailed as the truth sank in.  I felt both mean and a bit bewildered.  I never meant to give him the impression he was getting a day off school!

Luckily, he cheered up again fairly quickly, and had a great day at school as it turned out.  And afterwards we went to the library, got some books for them both, and had a lemon slice at the cafe.

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