Party planning

“For my birthday,” Babess informed me, “I’m going to have a picnic party!”

“But, sweetheart, it will be winter!” I told her.

“Whut?!” she did a classic double-take.  Her father laughed and echoed her, “Whut?!”

It’s hard to believe, because we think of her birthday as being “soon”, and the weather has been and continues to be incredible: fine, sunny and calm for stretches of up to 10 days at a time, the best summer many people can remember in a long long time.  But it’s true.  Already the days are noticeably shorter, the mornings cooler and there’s an occasional nip in the breeze.  Although Babess goes to school “soon”, it’s more than three months away, and she is a mid-winter baby.

“We can wear our jackets!” she said.  “But the ground will be cold and damp,” I argued.  “We will sit on a picnic blanket!” she countered.  “It might be raining,” I pointed out.

“We can have an inside picnic!” she triumphed.  I can host an inside picnic party in June.  OK then.

She’s not prepared to wait until then for a party though.  This morning she said to me, “Soon I will be four and three-quarters, and do you know what you have to sing to me?”

“No… do you get a song when you’re four and three-quarters, then?”

“Ye-es!  Here’s what you sing:

Happy Birthday to you!

Squished tomatoes and stew!

Bread and butter in the gutter!

Happy Birthday to you!”

4 3/4-year olds certainly have the best party songs.

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4 Responses to “Party planning”

  1. crankycaregiver Says:

    That little girl rocks! This is the first time I’ve stepped into your blog; and I am delighted to find you. My dad recuperated in your beautiful land many years ago when he was wounded in WWII. He often spoke of the wonders of New Zealand.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Pdubyah Says:

    The alternative version goes something like
    “Happy birthday to you,
    I went to the zoo
    I Saw a big monkey
    And I thought it was you”

    Although “big monkey” cold be smelly/hairy

    Endless amusement.

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      Oh yes, we have several versions, including “You look like a monkey, and you act/smell like one too!” You’re right, if we tried to sing all the versions at a birthday party we’d probably still be singing by the time the next one came around 😀

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