I recently started a tap dance class in an effort to regain some measure of fitness.  It’s great fun, and something I’ve never tried before.

All the children are entertained by the idea of Mummy dancing, but Fainjin has been the most interested.  My nephew is a tap-dancer, and Fainjin has long admired him so naturally wants to have a go.  I checked with my teacher, and she had space in a junior beginners’ class, so today I took Fainjin along.

He did really well!  Better than I expected, to be honest.  He listened really well, and concentrated, and seemed to be reasonably-well coordinated.  Most importantly, he had a great time.  He was slightly disappointed to be the only boy, but I told him he should tell all his friends how much fun dancing is and perhaps some of them will come along eventually.  I’m so pleased he already has such a great male dancer role-model in my nephew.

He loved stomping down the room making as much noise as he could (with permission!), then walking heel-toe, heel-toe.  He was highly amused that they then did “opposites!”, walking toe-heel, toe-heel.

I’ve signed him up for the rest of the term – another two lessons – and then I expect he will want to carry on.  At that point I might have to take him shopping for tap shoes.

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