Easter 2013

Easter this year was a five-day weekend for schools.  Usually it falls in the school holidays, but this year is too early for that, so the Ministry of Education in its wisdom made Easter Tuesday a holiday as well as the public holidays of Good Friday and Easter Monday.

The Dad and I both took leave on Tuesday, which was especially nice as we had two young American friends visiting.  But after a five-day weekend full of children, chocolate, visitors and exploring, I was very ready to go back to work for a break!

For Easter dinner (Sunday lunch) we had a traditional lamb roast, complete with pavlova dessert – something I only make when we have overseas visitors!  After that no-one felt like doing much, so it was a very quiet afternoon.

On the other days we explored and showed off our area and the capital city, having fun ice-skating, walking in the gardens, visiting the observatory and finding the best places for unusual/quirky but affordable souvenirs.

The children will solemnly swear to you that the Easter Bunny did not visit our house.  This is because there was no egg hunt.  We don’t always do egg hunts, and this year the bunny was thwarted by children who woke up late in the evening, in the middle of the night, and early in the morning.  The poor rabbit never had a chance.

But never fear, there were eggs!  We try not to go overboard, but even so this year there was a Kinder egg each, some home-made marshmallow eggs (thanks Nana!), some commercial marshmallow eggs, a few caramel and creme eggs collected from various places who were giving them away, and little solid chocolate eggs intended for hunting but which never got hidden.

I think Babess got the best Easter gift, though – a family at daycare contrived to give each child a little potted orchid!  She is very happy to have hers sit alongside my collection, and is looking forward to the day it flowers.

© UpsideBackwards 2013.

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