No flu, (almost) no fuss

This year we all got flu shots.  We trooped along to the doctor’s surgery to see the nurse, and she lined us all up.  Everyone was happy until it was time to start (no surprise there!).

Babess was upset because she had to go first.  I held her in my lap while she tried to wriggle away and sobbed, “No, I don’t want to go first!”

Our Practice Nurse is unflustered by such antics, and talked soothingly to her (to not much avail) while administering the shot.  Babess continued to fuss, then blinked in confusion when I said, “OK, all done!”  She had been fussing so much about going first that she didn’t notice the needle.  A small bag of jellybeans dried the rest of the tears remarkably quickly.

Fainjin was a bit nervous, but the nurse gave him his bag of jellybeans to hold first.  “What colours can you see in there?” she asked him cunningly.

“Red, purple, green, blue…” – and he was done too, none the wiser.

Pearl was a little harder to distract, but certainly wasn’t going to fuss when her younger siblings had survived intact.  Especially if there were jellybeans.

Before long we were on our way again, heading for a restorative cake and fluffy each.  “How’s your arm, Fainjin?” I asked him.  “Fine…” he said vaguely, rubbing his right shoulder.

I grinned.  The injection had been in the left shoulder.

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