Planning ahead

Tonight we had parent-teacher-child conferences at school.  Fainjin was encouraged to talk about his strengths.  He had written that he was good at “fiting” (fighting! oh my!) and writing, and we discussed a few more.  He agreed that he’s good at building things with Lego, and his teacher said, “I think you must be good at planning too, aren’t you?”

He looked mystified, and she said, “When you’re building things, you have to decide what to build, and plan it in your head.”

“I just use my imagination,” he said dubiously.

“That’s right, but how do you know what you’re going to build, what it’s going to look like?”

He still looked very uncertain of what she was getting at.  “Well, mostly I like building battleships?  So… I just build those.  I just… do my work?”

I suspect the “plan in his head” is so strong and well-defined for him that he’s not really even aware he does it.  He decides to build a battleship, and just knows exactly what he’s going to do to get it without thinking about it.

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