Golf balls

We’re just home from a few days away.  It is bliss to be back in our own place and our own beds!  But of course it was lovely to get away for a little while too.  We had fun exploring a new (to the children) city and seeing the sights.

By yesterday afternoon Babess was tired beyond reason, so I kept her at the motel with me and sent The Dad out with the older two to have an adventure without us.  Babess snuggled on the couch under a blanket – I hoped she’d drop off, but she didn’t, so we watched a cartoon movie together and I knitted another pattern repeat in my shawl.  It was lovely and restful and we both appreciated the chance to chill out a bit.

Eventually The Dad returned with Pearl and Fainjin, and they were fizzing.  They’d been to play minigolf.  Pearl showed me the scorecard with a measure of chagrin.  Her score was highest, Fainjin a few shots less, and The Dad had beaten them both by over 30.  I pointed out that she had got best value for money, having actually played more golf than anyone else.  She liked that way of looking at it.  I didn’t tell her that I’d come up with it to justify my own golf scores whenever I play.

Fainjin came bouncing in next to tell us all about it.  “We played minigolf!  It was awesome!  There were lots of testicles and…”

“Hang on Fainjin, what did you say?”

“We played minigolf!  It was awesome!  There were lots of testicles and you had to…”

“Wait!  Did you say testicles?  Lots of testicles?” I was smothering gales of laughter and trying to figure out what he had meant to say.

He didn’t notice I was laughing.

“Yeah, lots of testicles!  It was really cool!”

“Ummmmm, do you mean… obstacles?”

“Yeah!  Testicles!”

I made him repeat the word “obstacles” after me a few times.  Life is full of obstacles.  Luckily, it’s also full of comedy.

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One Response to “Golf balls”

  1. Stimey Says:

    Oh. My. Lord. Soooooo funny.

    (Also, I really like your “more golf for your money” thing. It makes perfect sense.)

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