A reminder to mind my language

This morning was all kinds of chaos.  Nothing all that out of the ordinary, just a whole lot of little delays and arguments, uncooperative children, tired parents, “lost” items and other tangles.

Finally we got Pearl & Fainjin to school, and headed towards daycare and work.  About halfway there, The Dad asked me whether I had remembered to pick up the cake from the kitchen bench – it was intended for an office morning tea this morning.  I had not, and it was the final straw as far as I was concerned.  “Awww fudge!”

Babess, so sweet and innocent, asked with all concern from the back seat, “Did you forget to bring your fudge, Mummy?”

“Ummm, yes.  Yes, I did.”

The Dad caught my eye and we both started giggling.

Ah, thank you, Babess.  We needed that laugh.  Perhaps I should make some fudge.

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2 Responses to “A reminder to mind my language”

  1. Claire Lopez Says:

    Been there! My “babies” are 21 and 26, so no worries there, but it brought back some funny memories!

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