Adding sparkle to our lives

Fainjin has been waking up early the past few mornings.  He bursts into our bedroom about 5:45am, already dressed and asking for breakfast.  Ugh.  Sometimes we can convince him to wait a while, but at that hour we’re not necessarily at the heights of our persuasive powers, and he will rattle around the kitchen feeding himself until we emerge to start the day with him.

Up and going before 6 each morning leaves plenty of time to fill before it’s time for bed at the other end of the day!  On Saturday morning (and a long weekend Saturday, no less), he had run out of ideas even before I really wanted to be awake.  About 7:45am he asked, “Mum, what can I doooooo?”

I sighed.  “Read a book?”  The Lego is tidied away at the moment while we have some building work done, so that standby is unavailable.

“Naaaah,” he wasn’t keen on reading.

“Clean the toilet then,” I retorted, devoid of other ideas.

He seized on it with enthusiasm.  “OK!”

Of course, he needs help and supervision, so I found him some gloves and showed him where the cleaners are, and talked him through it.  He was very proud of himself when it was done.  By then Babess was awake, dressed and breakfasted and ready to play, so he didn’t need further entertainment from me.

This morning after breakfast he sat and thought for a bit, then, “Mum, is it ok if I clean the toilet again?”

Were sweeter words ever spoken by a young man?

© UpsideBackwards 2013.

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2 Responses to “Adding sparkle to our lives”

  1. Karen G Says:

    He will be an excellent husband one day! I hope you found something else for him to clean. 🙂

    • Kate @ upsidebackwards Says:

      He’ll be a great catch, all right! 🙂
      I let him clean the loo again, he can do it every day if he wants! Once I’m confident he can do that without supervision, he can start cleaning the bathroom handbasin. He’ll have to grow longer arms before he can clean the shower, sadly…
      (and as I’m typing this, he has voluntarily started drying the dishes!)

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