Babess at school!

Babess is very nearly five!  Where have the last few years gone?  Did anyone see them?  I think they flashed by.

In two weeks she will start school.  She has been waiting for this for a very long time indeed.  She proclaimed herself ready before Fainjin started school, a year and a half ago.  And while I have been wondering where the time  has gone, for her it has dragged – just after her fourth birthday she informed me that she had had another sneaky one, so she was five now and could go to school thank you very much.  Earlier this year she moaned, “It’s taking tooooo long!”

So today was a very big day: her first School Visit.  We went to the school office first, to pick up her stationery pack, and then she bounced all the way to her classroom.

Once there, she suddenly became shy and wanted to hold my hand all the time, which was pretty predictable.  Her teacher made her feel very welcome, and introduced her to some of her classmates.  Babess was confident enough after a little while to join the class on the mat for news time while I sat quietly in the background.

Babess chose not to share any news, but she listened attentively to the children who did.  After news was maths time, and they are learning about measuring things.  Again, Babess didn’t contribute to the discussion, but when it came to the activities she participated happily, counting blocks into containers, measuring a classmate with long wooden blocks, and rolling playdough into fat and thin snakes.

The letter of the day was “J”, and the class was able to come up with lots of words starting with J – jump, jam, jeans, jacket, and so on.  Babess recited them all (about 20?) back to me on our walk home, so I know she was listening!  There was some writing practice on the whiteboard, and then it was morning tea time.

I thought that was probably enough school for us for the day – and enough of us in the classroom for the class and teacher – so Babess and I went to our favourite cafe for a celebratory morning tea.  Later in the week we will go back, and stay longer.

The other “grown-up” thing she did today was to join Fainjin in his beginners’ tap class.  She did very well, had a great time, and the double-dose of cuteness each Monday afternoon may very well give me a permanent silly grin.

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One Response to “Babess at school!”

  1. Stimey Says:

    This is so exciting!!! How cool that she’s been looking forward to it for so long. I hope it is as wonderful as she has been imagining!

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