Bleaching the baddies

Another Saturday afternoon, another game of “What can I doooo?” at our house.

The Dad suggested that Fainjin clean the toilet, and clearly the novelty hasn’t worn off because he enthusiastically agreed – and Babess asked to clean the basin too.  We reminded them to change into old clothes.

Last week Fainjin forgot, and cleaned the toilet in regular weekend clothes – a dark blue t-shirt and dark blue shorts.  Of course he got bleach on them, and they both now sport rusty-red stripes.  It’s not a huge deal, but it would be nice to have some clothes without bleach damage, hence the old-clothes reminder.

Fainjin came out wearing an oldish t-shirt and his Superman shorts.  They’re not new, but I asked whether he was really ok with cleaning in them.  He paused for thought.

“Yeah, Mum, if you say it’s ok, because if the bleach gets on them, they will get red stripes and it will look like blood, like Superman killed some bad guys and that would be really cool?”  he looked at me with his face full of hope.

How could I deny him?

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2 Responses to “Bleaching the baddies”

  1. Graham Says:

    Perhaps the red on Superman’s outfit is actually bleach from his domestic duties?

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