All in one place

Babess started school today.  We now enter a very brief era of all the children being in the same place on weekdays.  Next year Pearl will move to intermediate school, and from then on they will all be at different schools and (presumably eventually) university and out into the wide world.

I’m told Babess did very well.  News this morning was all about the huge storm we had late last week, and all the children had something to share about that.  Babess needed a bit of encouragement at writing time, but did decide on something to write, and has nice handwriting.  At maths time she wasn’t very confident so chose to sit with the teacher and observe, rather than participate, but in the afternoon she perked up again and was speaking up and taking part in the class activities.

All in all, a very successful first day.  Especially because when we got home, Babess asked anxiously, “Mum, can I go to school tomorrow too?”

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One Response to “All in one place”

  1. Marita Says:

    That is so exciting 🙂

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