Oh, b….ananas!

I put a piece of fruit in each child’s lunchbox every day – or a pouch of fruit puree.  Fainjin in particular much prefers the puree, and will occasionally rant and rave at me in the morning if he spots a banana instead of a pouch in his lunchbox.  I always tell him to take it anyway in case he’s hungry, and somehow he always is and it gets eaten despite the protests.

Every so often we’ve seen “banana protectors” at the supermarket, special banana-shaped boxes designed to keep your banana bruise-free in transit.  The children have been enchanted, and I have been dismissive.  Just eat the banana first, before it gets rattled around too much!  The price of the boxes was off-putting too.

Then last week I spotted banana boxes for under $2 each, and on a whim decided the kids could have one each.  When I brought them home, it was like Christmas.  They were all so excited, couldn’t wait to take a banana to school.  Even Fainjin didn’t want fruit puree the next day.  For less than $6 I had an outstanding success!

Today was the third day the children have used their boxes.  When we got home after school and they were bringing their lunchboxes out to the kitchen, Fainjin looked rather shamefaced.  “Mum… when I had my lunch, I think I threw my banana box in the rubbish with the banana peel.  I’m really sorry.”


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